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 "I would arge that the Crystalline Entity has as much right to be here as we do." -Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Well it would appear that Cryptic Studios does NOT share in your sentiment Captain Picard, becahse they sure do
love watching all of us blow the hell out it 100's of times and then reward us handsomly for it :)

Thats right, this weekend we will be gathering our fleet to explore the galaxy and also take on this blased Crystalline Entity together in our next REG event!

Event includes:
-Foundry Missions (x2)
-Crystalline Entity
-Korfez (We do it until we get it! :P )
-PvP and PvE missions

Team Omega 1 - Saturday 7:00PM EST

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

Jolan'tru Star Trek Fans!

No matter what flavor of Trek you love, nobody can deny the impact that Leonard Nimoy had made on the entire ST franchise, and in some cases, your lives. 

Whether playing his iconic 'Spock' character on the small or silver screen; Leonard Nimoy brought with him a high level of integrity, gravitas and commitment to the ST universe. I would even argue that without him, the ST franchise would not have lasted nearly as long as it has. 

So, with that I would like to say that the world is a lesser place without him being here in it.

Anyone wanting to share their condolences to his family can do so via Twitter and Facebook: 


Fleet XO

shpoks :( Rest in peace Leonard. People like you never truly die, you continue living in the hearts and minds of people forever ...
Livintius A Yea I know he was in a lot of pain (or rather discomfort) during these last few months so I'm bittersweet about his pass ...
Nibo Rest in peace. We'll always remember you.

Jolan'tru Romulans!

Just a few quick updates from your command staff:

-The Astrometrics Page has now been completed and includes detailed locations of storyline missions, social hubs, patrol missions and much more! Warp on over to this link and check it out:

-Additionally, I have put forth the first version of our sto 'dry-dock' page. As of right now it includes the most basic informaiton and links for all Romulan Warbirds (excluding the new T6 command ships). This page can be used to compare different ship variants, budget for ships costs and plan your BOFF layout prior to your purchase. I will continue to update this page as time goes on but you check it out here: 

-Thanks to a post by Commander Nibo, I'm heavily considering adding a 'shopping' module to the site. My intent is to use this area as way to procure funds for the Fleet (all these site features ain't freed ya know). Items that we might sell are Master Keys, Lockbox ships, rare STO items and even some RSE swag (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.). This idea is still really fresh in my mind and I'm open to any suggestions you guys might have as way to not only raise money but ideas for things you wouldnt mind buying from the site. 

-Finally, Crytpic has published their 'Foundry Top 3' ability for sector space so keep on the lookout for new REG Fleet actions that involved a team exploring specific sector blocks together and tackling some of the best custom maps STO has to offer. 

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

Livintius A I'm finalizing my design ideas now; once I have something I love then we can all vote on them. I would expect something ...
Nibo So.... when is it going to be available? XD
Livintius A Haha I know you would be first in line for that coffee mug ...
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