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Jolan'tru Romulans!

Week 3 of the Master Crew build has finished and our gallant ship is now sporting a full BOFF roster. Now its just time to pick out a captian, and the ship these brave few will fly...hopefully not into a sun :P 

Our roster currently consists of the EMH (Doctor), Ensign Sulu (Helmsman), Worf (Tactical/Security), Scotty (Engineer), and Spock (First Officer/Science).

Take great care when making your choice for this weeks poll, this will be the last one before our crew sets off on an epic space adventure (or not). 

RSE Proconsul 

Thor Janeway I more concerned someone voted for Archer
tr'Ailliau He he Pickards winning
Fitz ok, who voted for Janeway............... Fitz ...

Jolant'ru Romulans, check out the flyer below for exclusive details on our upcoming 2015 Summer bash!


Also Just a quick SITREP on what fleet events we have going on this weekend. 

First up we have a REG Summer Fleet Event.

Warp on over to Risa to race your fellow fleet-mates around the entire island! This will be a FED-alinged evet and Commander Civilipepper is your POC.

Summer Party - Friday (5 June 2015) 7:30PM EST 


The REG Sniper Elites will be having their first mission this weekend. Be sure to sing up on the calendar and bring plenty of armor! 

Event includes: CLASSFIED

Sniper Elite Team 1 - Saturday (6 June 2015) 6:00PM EST

And Finally, we will be hosting an Live RP Chat session in the Fengs chatroom via the website.

The topic of this session will center our the RSE's 'Exodus' RP. 

RP Chat Session - Sunday (7 June 2015)  9:00AM EST

I hope to see everyone out there this Friday to kick off this exciting summer!!!

RSE Proconsul 

Mena Mena This looks so awesome!! I will have to show up. ...

Jolan'tru fellow Romulans!

Please join me in welcoming our newest FED Fleet Commander, Civilpepper!

Answering to the call signs 'civil' and 'that RP guy whos not Nibo', our new FED Fleet Comannder is a vertern STO player and dedicated supporter of the RSE. Whether is beign apart of almost every REG Fleet action, donating thousands of fleet project supplies or crafting up a new RP storyline, Civilpeppers commitment this fleets prosperity is unmatched. 

If you see him online or in teamspeak please wish him luck and congratualtions on the new position! 

Additionally, Senator Dhiemm will be stepping down as FED Commander and assuming the role of 'RSE Ambassador.' This position is going to be playing a key role in ensuring our fleets legacy in this game for many years to come. More to follow on his activites at a later date. 

Finally, the current KDF Fleet Commander, Eclipse, has resigned his position and will be taking a more personal-style approach towards the fleet and its members. We appreciate everything he did during the 'Klingon Month of May' and his continuing support to all fleet Operations. 

Senator Mugato will be taking over as interim KDF Commander until we can find a permanent fleet memeber to fill this leadership position.

Keep up the great work everyone!

RSE Proconsul 

Nibo A "that RP guy whos not Nibo" =D
Eclipse Congrats to Civil, to both current and interim, any questions about projects priority listings, best combos, feel free t ...

New Forum Signatures!

Livintius A posted May 31, 15

Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans, 

After a few weeks of designing/creating differnt signatures we have finally came up with a few different designs that were approved by a popular vote. 

Currently, we 3 different variants; a mogai, DD and T'varo. 

Please head on over to the below thread and request a new forum siganture. Please note: when requesting, provide a name and what ship variant you want. Thanks! 

RSE Proconsul 

Nibo A Thanks for putting these together. =D What software are you using to make these?
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