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Jolan'tru Romulans!

Just a quick SITREP on what fleet events we have going on this weekend. 

First up is our very own RSE Launch Party that will our way of celeberating Star Trek Online's 5th Anniverssary release!

This event is set to take place on 30 January @9PM EST. I'm hopoing to miss the crowds and also any unexpected server crashes.

Come join us as we explore all the new feautres, missions and QoL updates this release will bring!

There also might be some Fleet Giveaways for personnel who can show up :)

Also we have another installment of our Live RP Chat Session that takes place right here on the RSE 

Simply logon at 7PM EST, Friday (30 January 2015) and join in on the fun!

This weekends Event will deal with a 'mexican-style standoff between QUADPOL, mafia hitmen and orian thugs!



And finally we will be hosting our Cinema Saturdays again on 31 January @7PM EST. 
Well still be watching 'Independeance Day' and the video link will be provided to all attendees who login to TeamSpeak.


We have a full weekend ahead of us so I hope to see everyone out and getting involved!

Keep up the Great Work!
Fleet XO

Jolan'tru Romulans!

In an effort to streamline the site, and add our new Astrometric's section, I have re-purposed the old Romulan History page into a new 'Romulan War Departments' page. (see link on left had menu)

After clicking the link, you will notice that we have 3 Departments set up; Astrometric's, History and Dry-Dock. 

This History page has been re-vamped to include 'The Path to 2409' in full detail. This is a great read for anyone not familiar with the STO lore, enjoy!

Additionally, the first part of the Astrometric's department has been posted. It covers the entire Alpha Quadrant in Star Trek Online (Beta and Delta are coming soon!). You will see a key code on the top right corner but overall the maps show you patrol missions, story quests, dilithium dailies, location hubs and duty officer missions. 

Poke around, check out the links and let me know if you can think of any chagnes/updates I can put on there. 

Hopefully you guys enjoy it and use it next time you need to plot an mission of exploration :)

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

RSE Cinema Saturdays!!

Livintius A posted Jan 18, 15

(The Ice Cream doesn't even have legs. Lol)

Jolan'tru Romulans!

After a quick and severe ban from Twitch; we are going to be moving our RSE Cinema Saturdays to free films uploaded to YouTube! Theres a surprisingly huge selection to pick from, so I decided to narrow down the listing and ask for each of you provide your vote in the comments below.

I will post the video link to whatever film gets the most vote, and then we can do our synchronized start together! Additionally, I'm highly encouraging anyone who wants to watch the film with us to jump on TeamSpeak and join in on the fun! This is a social event where you can relax with all members of the RSE. :)

The choices are:
-Independence Day 
-Resident Evil 1
-Fantastic Four (1994 version...this is terrible but funny film)

More information on start time to follow. Place your votes now!

Fleet XO
Livintius A :( Okay but were still watching ID4.
Nibo We postponed the event. Let's try it again next weekend.
Livintius A So I have bad news and some other bad news lol. First; youtube pulled the link for ID4...but jokes on them I found here ...
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