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Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans!

Multiple bits of news coming out from Cryptic recently, read below to keep up-to-date on all things Star Trek Online!

- First up, Cryptic has annouced that the very fun 'Pilot' specaliztaion will now have the capability of being slotted as a 'primary' skill, as opposed to just a secondary. 

Additionally, they have released several new abilities, my favorite one being DANGA ZOOOONNNNNEEEE!!!

- Danger Zone; For each Foe within 2km, gain a 2% Damage Bonus. Stacks up to 10 times.

My theory for this change is that Cyrptic has the new specaliztions ready to roll out and they needed room to put them into the game. I guess well find out once Season 10 is released. 

-Secondly, a new Featured Episode is being released to help tie the gap between 'Delta Rising' and 'Season 10'. This new episode will have the acting prowess of Denise Crosby as once again takes up the evil mantel of Empress Sela. 

Supposedly this mission will lay all ground work for our future Iconian War, and tie up loose ends from the 'Delta Rising' storyline. 

-And finally, Cryptic has released an all new cross-faction PvE mission that pits players against Iconian forces inside of their own Sphere spread acrross the galaxy. 

Not much is known at this time, but based off the description provied it appears that the first phase of this mission will be to breach the Sphere and then assault all Iconians inside of it..possibly planting some kind of device to disable/destory the sphere for good as well. 

You can check out all of these news items here:

Fleet XO

Nibo A It looks like they are stealing even more ideas from us.
Livintius A It was a shared concept; they stole it from all of us! I know they were tracking the foundry system for ideas ...
Nibo A Well, it was our idea, no? =D
Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans! We have another event packed weekend here at the RSE!

Frist up is an REG Fleet Action that is being led by Command Nibo. You can sign up for this Fleet action right now over in the forums. 

Event includes:
-Foundry Missions
-Bonus Mark Missions
-PvP and PvE missions

Team Omega 1 - Friday 7:00PM EST

Additionally, the RSE will be supporting another AQC RP Event. This event is scheduled to start around 9PM EST. 

Agenda for this meeting is a casual RP session and foundry missions. 

POC for this event is Ambassador Civilpepper.

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

Jolan'tru Romulans!

First off please join me in congratulating some of our newest promotes!

Promoted to the Rank of Diplomat:

Promoted to the Rank of Erein:
Ambassador Civilpepper will be taking my place as the offical RSE liason to the AQC Coalition; I'm confident that he will work hard to create some amazing RP storylines and bring glory to the RSE name!

Congratulations to everyone on this listing and please keep up the great work you guys are doing! 
Also, I have done another srub of the STO Roster; so if your account was incorrectly removed from the fleet please drop me a message either here or in game and I will get it corrected. Remember, I'm only human and I'm sure somone got accidently removed. 
Keep up the great work! 
Fleet XO
Mugatu grats
Civilpepper If only I had the same confidence in myself. ...
Nibo A Congratulations, guys! Good luck, Civil, in your new posting. You'll be a great diplomat. ...
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