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Jolan'tru Romulans!

This month is a good time die! At least, for your enemies that is 

Starting today, the entire month of May will be dedicated to those Romulans that chose to ally with the Klingon Defense Force!

All operational assest for the RSE will be commited to helping improve your Rom-KDF, KDF and KDF aligned Alien toons. 

REG Fleet Actions: Led by Senator Mugatu, the Romulan Elite Guard will be undertaking 'Special Operations Missions' throughout Klingon space. Keep up to date with their progress here:

RolePlaying: Senator Nibo and his team will lead us all in Klingon centric RP events; so get your character bio's typed and ready for action!

Additionally, we are directing all Fleet Project supporters to donate your invaluable supplies to help get our Fleet Holdings out of the gutter and into something we can all be proud of!

So get your bloodwine ready and prepare for an epic battle!

RSE Proconsul

Jolan'tru Romulans!
Just a quick SITREP on what fleet events we have
going on this weekend. 

First up is another installment of our Live RP Chat
Session that takes place right here on the RSE 

Simply logon at 8PM EST, Friday (30 April 2015) and join in on the fun! 

Also we will be joining together to run some Dilithium Dailies in an effort to fully maximize the double dill weekend. 

Event include:
-Jurassic Park (Dyson Zone)
-Kobali BZ
-Fleet/Vlugta Mine

Dilithium Miners Group 1 - Saturday 4:00PM EST

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans!

First up, a winner has been selected for the RSE 50/50 Raffle; Christian(Xpictianoc)! Please join me and congratualting him on winning $71.00USD!!!

(Raffle Drawing Proof)

Thank you to all the participants and keep on the look out for the next Raffle!

Now that we have some money in the bank account; our RSE Shopping Marketplace is now officiall open!!

You can access the shopping page using the link below and follow the instructions listed there. 

Two BIG THINGS TO NOTE about the market place: #1 allow 24hrs for your STO purchase to process and #2 Shipping and Handling are not included on listed price for RSE 'swag' items (shirts, mugs, coffee). 

AFTER you place your order for the RSE 'Swag' items, you will recieve a message telling you the final price and requesting a mailing address. All the shipping details will be worked out away from the marketplace for security purposes. 

You can access the shopping marketplace here:

Please post your questions/comments and concerns below. Thanks!

Fleet XO

*UPDATE #1: When placing an order for in-game STO items you need to pay immediately (either PayPal or EC). For the 'RSE Swag' items, you do not have to transfer any funds until AFTER you get the full price quote for shipping and handling. 

*UPDATE #2: For those members interested in ordering a mug; please know that I'm close to cracking that nut and we should have a supply within a few days. 

Livintius A Well theres a first time for everything ...
Christianus(Parvus) A Incredible, i usually never win anything ...
Mugatu grats..
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