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Livintius A posted Mon at 2:51
JT Romulans!

As I said in my previous Fleet Address, the forums have been updated to reflect our new game additions. There will continue to be updates as we narrow down our new 'Group Name' but for now everything will stay this way. 

Nothing has been deleted, I only moved, renamed or added new forum sections so if you can't find something that was there before please just message me and we will work it out. 

Also, if anyone has some feedback on the layout, our we are missing something that you think we need please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

-Livintius, Fleet XO
Eclipse Looks fine! Although, I noticed the star trek area still exist!!! ...
JT Romulans!

First, I want to thank all of our active members for taking the time to respond back to the Roll Call Report in the forums. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many replies and I'm glad to know we still have a good number of active Romulans running around out there causing trouble! 

As I said before, those who did not respond back to the Roll Call Report within 3 weeks would be moved off into an inactive listing. Your accounts are still able to be logged in but your names will not appear under the 'member roster' page. If whatever reason you didn't get to the Report in time, please feel free to message me so we can get you back on the active roster. Thanks!

After tallying up the information from everyones feedback, the other Commanders and I have identified the games played by most of us:

-Star Trek Online
-Star Wars: TOR

These three games were ahead in the tallying by a long shot, so I feel safe in saying that SWTOR and FFXIV will become official departments for the fleet. I will begin working this weekend to modify the forums to reflect these additions into our gaming community. 

Once the forums are updated, I will begin message the players that are active in each respective game to see who among you would like to step up and become a Commander for that specific MMORPG. 

Finally, now that we have selected our new games it is time to get into the possibility of doing a fleet name change. "Romulan Star Empire" works great for STO but do you think it translates well to SWTOR or FFXIV? Well let your voices be heard and post your recommendation for the re-branding here

Keep up the great work!
-Livintius, Fleet XO
JT Romulans!

With RD's official departure this past weekend I now have the privilege of keeping watch over this community during his leave of absence. 

I just wanted to re-iterate that all prior fleet rules and regulations listed here still apply. And while we do not have too many issues with our fleet members violating any of these policies, I would like to quickly touch on something that I have zero tolerance for; being hurtful or mean to others. We all like to joke around and poke fun at each other, but the Romulan Star Empire Community will remain a safe place for people to come and talk about whatever is on their minds and essentially 'nerd-out' over any topic without the fear of be ridiculed for it. I won't stand for it, and I don't think any of you will either. This is a non-issue right now, but I just want people to know up front what can easily get you booted from the community. Not going to harp on this anymore I think you guys get it. 

My goal while leading the community in RD's stead is simple; consolidating our active members, clearing out the forums, and expanding to new games. 

Some of you may have heard the rumor, but I want confirm it now for everyone that we are in fact going to be expanding into different MMO's AND we will be heavily considering a name change that a bit more universal. STO will still be supported by our community but too many of us are getting burned out by Cryptics Space MMO and going onto other games. (Including myself)

With that in mind, please take the time to check in at the fleet wide roll call here. This way I can get a better picture of whose still active and what games you guys are playing. Once we have a good listing, I will be holding interviews for different personnel who would like to lead the charge for their respective games. 

As for recruitment, the Commanders will continue to accept any new applications but we will not be doing any kind of a 'surge' until after we pick out our new games, lay the ground work to support that games specific guild/company/clan, and RD's return. 

We are currently tracking the following:
-Arc Age 
-Star Citizen
-Battlefield 4
-Starcraft 2

Please take the time now to respond to my thread for the roll call and help us continue to make the RSE an amazing community to be apart of. If you have any questions/concerns please message me, Thanks!

-Livintius, Fleet XO 

Leave of Absence

RihanhaDheno A posted Jul 29, 14

Jolan'tru Everyone!

I will keep this post short and sweet for everyone. As some of you may know I will be going off line for a few months beginning this weekend. I will be moving from location to location the next few months as I start a new job and relocate a few times for different schools I must attend. In my absence Fleet Commander Livintius will be stepping up to make sure the community continues to function and things get done.

I will be making a point to get online this week as much as possible and get a chance to see everyone before I take off. If you should need anything or have any questions I will be available until August 2.

Tiezine Best of luck, may the solar wind be at your back!
monsh A Best of luck with the away mission.
Eclipse Can I haz your stuffz !??!
Since Mugato has threatened to fire me if I don't move down the Total Recall Movie poster, I have decided to make a quick mashup representing Commander Nibo's newest installment to the Foundry Series 'Romulus'. The new episode is entitled 'Provocation' and can be located under the Foundry review mission section. 

I have already played through the mission myself and while it is challenging overall, its not impossible to do on your own. Please take the time to run through it and post your feedback in the forums here.

Livintius A Gald you guys like it! I thought it came out pretty good myself. @Mugato Haha....well hopeuflly I don't go that long wi ...
RihanhaDheno A Good Poster you got there! I like it a lot
Mugatu Since Mugato has threatened to fire me if I don't move down the Total Recall Movie poster. About time. It was looking a ...
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