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Weekend Star 11-22 Edition!

Eclipse posted Sun at 19:27

Jolan Tru, it's here, fresh off the press, another exciting edition of The Weekend Star!!

Also, don't forget holiday weekend coming up, I will attempt to get the Romulan Star Tribune december issue out durring the next weekend for folks to have something to read over their four day weekend, for those that are lucky enough to have one that is

The Weekend Star 11-22

Jolan'tru Everyone,

Just wanted to announce that we have an vacant spot on Senate. The position of Proconsul is available and open to any applicants. To those that attended the recent community meeting you already caught wind of this. If you interested in a leadership position and want to make positive changes in the community then step up and make it happen.

Some of the requirements I am looking for are as follows:

- Access to teamspeak

- Someone who is active with the community on a regular basis

- Have some artwork knowledge

- Some previous guild/clan leadership experience if possible

For those interested send me a PM on the website and I will answer any questions for you or meet with you on teamspeak if your interested in filling the spot.

Until further notice Senator Dhiemm will fill the position.

Preator - Rihanha Dheno

Jolan'Tru folks, here is the latest and greatest edition of the weekend wrap newsletter. After further consideration after the next weekend issue I shall be making this a bimonthly edition, creating 4 small papers a month and 1 large paper is taxing on time!

But dont worry, the news and information will still be just as good! Also note, I am keeping all these in the same thread location, for easy reference for members.

The Weekend Star 11-8 Issue

The Weekend Star

Eclipse posted Nov 2, 15

It's here hot off the press and a head slam into the desk when I was unable to edit it further ( I shall look into this matter next time....)

Enjoy the short few fun articles and leave feedback in the thread section!

Weekend Star

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